Dieser Onlinekurs stammt aus dem Hause EMU MUSIC, einem globalen christlichen Musikwerk. Der Kurs schult Gemeindeleiter und Gemeindemusiker in den wichtigsten theologischen und praktischen Fähigkeiten für den Musikdienst in der Ortsgemeinde. Weitere Informationen über Emu Music, einschließlich Informationen zu ihren Das Wort im Lied-Konferenzen, findest du unter emumusic.com/de.

Der Kurs wurde von Alanna Glover und Philip Percival geschrieben.

Alanna has driven the development of this online course. She worked for a number of years as a church music director in Sydney and was a member of the band Garage Hymnal. She has a Bachelor of Theology from Sydney Missionary Bible College and a Music Degree from Sydney University. She now lives in Oxford (mainly for the climate and coffee) where she works for Emu and St Ebbe’s Church. As well as working on the course, she’s very involved in songwriting, graphic design and managing a bunch of other day-to-day operations that keep Emu running. She is married to Rohan (who designs airplanes!) and together they love photography, travel, crime dramas, coffee and snow.

Philip married to Kate, is author of Then Sings My Soul, a book on Biblical music ministry, and composes songs for churches. Philip heads Emu’s day to day operations in Australia and the UK. He is also Music Minister at St Ebbe’s Church, Oxford, UK. Philip loves helping musicians apply the Bible to ministry in the local church, and teaches theology and practical skills at conferences and seminars around the world. Philip studied music at Sydney University, theology at Moore Theological College, Sydney, and has a Masters degree from Oxford University.

The course features contributions from experienced church musicians and pastors from Australia, the UK and the USA, including Bob Kauflin, Mark Dever, Mike Cosper, Vaughan Roberts, Rob Smith, Nicky Chiswell, Greg Cooper & Trevor Hodge.